EnviroBlu Multipurpose Cleaner Degreaser

EnviroBlu Multipurpose Cleaner Degreaser has differentiated itself from other competitors by simplifying its formula to produce a single cleaning solution. The end result is a powerful, effective, higher value, non-solvent surfactant that allows our clients to reduce their maintenance and production costs while keeping employees and the environment safe.

Powerful Solution for Many Applications

EnviroBlu Multipurpose Industrial Cleaner Degreaser is highly concentrated and powerful, non-solvent and can be diluted for different applications. One container can go a very long way, eliminating the need for large inventories. EnviroBlu is versatile, fastacting, cost effective, and a major time saver. This is the true power of EnviroBlu Multipurpose Industrial Cleaner Degreaser.

Unmatched for Eco-Friendliness and more importantly, Eco Safe

There are a number of products on the market which claim to be "green" or eco-friendly, but EnviroBlu is eco-safe. EnviroBlu Multipurpose Industrial Cleaner Degreaser remains unmatched in the industry in MSDS strength, safe properties, functionality, and government stock approvals. This product is so stable that no extreme safety measures need to be taken. EnviroBlu Multipurpose Industrial Cleaner Degreaser delivers a healthy and quality pre-emptive solution to your maintenance needs.

Applications for EnviroBlu

Fleet Maintenance Open

Manufacturing Open

Military Open

Inland & Offshore Marine Open

City and Institutional Open

Petroleum/Pulp and Paper Open

Food Industry Open

Agriculture/Mining Open

Home and Office Open

Stay Green - Go Blue !

Product of Canada - Produit du Canada